The imitation game

Do you want to sing well from the beginning? So let’s play a game.

Put your favorite singer on headphones, take a simple piece that doesn’t go too high or is too dynamic, and listen. Choose one of his pieces that you know very well, and also try to sing along, follow it. Record yourself. Then stop here to read, and once you’ve finished listening to it, continue. …
Done ? Recorded ? Well ! While listening to it and singing it, did you happen to notice if your attention was mostly focused on the pitch of the notes? You followed the notes, didn’t you? That’s why maybe you struggle a bit to sing, because your attention is focused on the wrong thing.
Now do an exercise of concentration: try to listen to the same song, on headphones, and “listen” to the throat of the singer, and consequently his resonances. It may seem difficult, or strange, but if you focus, maybe you can, at least a little. While keeping your concentration always and only on his throat, try to imitate what you feel. Sing along with his throat. Record once again and then compare the two versions: which one do you think sounds better?
In my opinion, imitation is perhaps the main source of good sound when you start singing without ever having done it before. Just focus on the throat, not the notes. Try it, and let us know!

M. Fischietti

PS Maybe don’t take Pappalardo as a point of reference, here.