Becoming a certified teacher


A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others” (Turkish proverb)

Teaching someone to sing can be one of the most beautiful experiences, because you are dealing with his voice, and therefore with one of his most intimate parts. And it is a great satisfaction to see that this voice comes out and explodes in all its beauty thanks to your guide.

There are now many singing teachers, but often most of them are not real singing teachers, because they studied to learn how to sing, but did not follow a path to teach singing, which is a very different thing. If you are one of them too, you know what I’m talking about, and the difficulties this entails in your work, not knowing for example how to behave when you have to train someone who is totally out of tune, and on the contrary when someone is already very good.

To learn how to sing you need much more than a good vocal technique and a good voice. Like everything, including sports, you need a guide that tells you how to use your full potential in the most effective way, knowing your weaknesses and strengths, your needs, your personality and inspiring you with every training. We want you to become this guide.

This program is open to anyone who wants to learn to teach singing (or to use their voice better) at the highest levels, even if he has never done it, or who already teaches but wants to bring his skills and competence to the next level, regardless of what vocal technique or path he/she has followed, or is following. It includes – among other things – the study of vocal technique and style, anatomy and vocal health, teaching psychology, structuring a lesson at all levels, communication, how to prepare an audition, live performance, and Master Class during the year with industry professionals. You will learn how to quickly diagnose problems related to the use of your voice and correct them quickly; you will be able to provide the repertoire suitable for your students’ voice also according to their needs; you will understand how to interact better with each individual student by speaking a common, understandable and simple language that will lead you to results in a short time. The art of teaching singing will be revealed to you in detail and in all its secrets. You will be able to choose the most correct sequence of exercises, to demonstrate and explain them in the simplest way, and to see your students improve from lesson to lesson, and their voices become more beautiful minute by minute. You will be satisfied with them, and with yourself.

Whoever becomes a certified teacher WE SING by Michele Fischietti will have access to a program that will teach how to teach: he will become that guide to entrust his own voice and talent to take him to a higher level, who follows you step by step in your evolution as an artist. Furthermore, following this special certification process, every time you teach, you learn.

WE SING will train and promote 360 ​​° singing teaching artists, excellent professionals who will be sponsored in the international music business for their name and quality, and not only for the vocal technique they teach.


Becoming a WE SING certified teacher will allow you not only to have access to the best existing vocal pedagogy but to become part of a network of highly qualified and talented singing teachers, have access to annual Master Classes, seminars and webinars and be constantly helped to make sure that your way of teaching singing improves day by day, year by year, so that your competence can be increasingly recognized and required in the modern world.

WE SING Certification by Michele Fischietti : guarantee of effectiveness in results and professionalism of those who obtain it. There are different levels of certification, based on competence and experience, up to the maximum “Master Teacher” level, with which you will have the qualification to certify together with Michele.

The TRINITY certification is included in the list of certification bodies published by the Italian Ministry of Education.
Suitable for professional and academic use, it will allow you to work in Italy and abroad as it is recognized internationally.


Whoever becomes a WE SING certified singing teacher does not only learn a vocal technique: he learns the art of teaching singing, which is very much different from knowing only a technique. Therefore, from whatever vocal technique you come from, whatever your experience is – even if you don’t have one at all – you will be welcome, and we will make sure that you become the best singing teacher that a student could wish for.
Knowing how a voice works even on a scientific level is fine. But, unlike others who focus almost entirely on technique and vocal science, putting the artistic part of the singer (his creativity) in the background (or sometimes destroying it) just to make him sing correctly, or – even worse – as they want him/her to sing, WE SING, while including an intimate knowledge of vocal technique, science and physiology, thanks also to constant collaborations with the best speech therapists and doctors, wants to keep the development of the artist as such and his uniqueness, weather it’s a performer (singer) or a teacher. “Be yourself: nobody can do it better than you”.

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