Michele Fischietti

Vocal coach, singer and multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and producer, specialized in singing teaching and trainer of modern singing teachers through WeSING.

Been born as a musician, and maintaining the sensitivity of an artist, Michele’s ear, every time he trains a singer, is 360 ° open and manages to capture not only the slightest nuances of the voice but also the artistic personality of those who entrust him.

This is why he is able to train you not only technically, but above all artistically.

Thanks to his experience with some of the best teachers and artists from around the world, Michele has been able to develop a practical and effective method to train both those who want to sing in a healthy and exciting way, at any level, and those who want to learn to teach singing at high level.

Live experiences (among others)

  • 25 years live jazz, fusion and pop concerts
  • Vocal consultant for top reality show “Amici di Maria de Filippi” for the musical Footlose
  • Vocal coach for artists performing on the Sanremo festival 2004-2005-2006
  • Vocal coach for X-factor
  • tournée “Tutto max tour” with pop star Max Pezzali as vocal coach, guitarist and backing vocalist.
  • vocal trainer of pop stars as Syria, Anna Oxa, Giusy Ferreri, Noemi, Finley, Gemelli Diversi, Neffa, Mario Rosini
  • Vocal consultant for artists working for Sugar, Sony, Universal, Warner
  • Vocal consultant and trainer of musical theatre artists (among others Arianna Bergamaschi, Maria Laura Baccarini, Mauro Simone, Stefania Fratepietro) for Musicals such as “The beauty and the beast”, “Chicago”, “Seve brides for seven brothers”, “Grease”
  • Speaker at 3° conference of Foniatria Artistica e Logopedia of doctor Franco Fussi

Training (among others)

  • As singing teacher : Vocal technique Speech-level Singing by Seth Riggs (the teacher of music legend as Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles e Michael Jackson), reached the top LEVEL 5;
  • Master Class in Italy, America, Ireland e Poland on vocal technique, application to songs, communication and language of teaching, repertoire and style;
  • individual lessons in Strasberg actor technique (the method used at the Actor Studio);
  • guitar, arrangement and composition degree at the Civic Jazz courses;
  • Master Class of composition with Patrick Leonard, composer for Madonna and Pink Floyd

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