Singing lessons

Mike CET GuitOk, I wanna sing but…

– “i can’t make my high notes !”
– “when I go from low to high notes, my voice breaks”
– “after 5 songs I lose my voice !”
– “my voice is weak and way too airy”
– “I don’t know how to let go…”
– “my voice is awful…and I’m out of tune !”

Do you recognize yourself? Don’t worry, we almost all went there before you 🙂 That’s why we know how to help you.

Based on the Italian principles of the original Belcanto, to solve the problems related to the use of the voice (technique) you will be given practical and specific exercises built on your voice and your needs that will correct your defects and build a solid, tuned voice and extended that you can use to sing what you like the most. The technical goal is to train your voice to sing naturally and effortlessly from bottom to top with a solid and personal voice whatever you want.

Just like for the guitar, it’s not enough only knowing how to tune it … then you also need to know how to play! That’s why, as you learn to use your voice, you will apply the technique inside the songs you want to interpret, always keeping the exercises and their application to the songs on the same level.

Finally, there is no greater satisfaction than interpreting a song not only effortlessly and correctly, but with your sensitivity, moving yourself and your audience. For this you will be trained to use your emotions to the best and put them in what you sing, and encouraged – through the choice of the right repertoire – to explore your personality as an artist, in order to really enjoy the art of singing, and to do it on a stage, in front of an audience.


This technique is also excellent for those who do not necessarily want to learn to sing, but for example only want to improve the sound of their voice (actors, speakers, presenters) or learn not to lose it by having a better performance and duration (teachers, coaches, sportsmen). It is useful for rebalancing a voice damaged by improper use or for those who have undergone (or want to avoid) an operation on the vocal cords.


Each lesson is tailored to your voice and your goals, to give you a unique experience focused on your needs. They are individual lessons, and are recorded and delivered to you on a USB device or sent throu email, so that you can practice wherever you want, whenever you want. You can take technical lessons, apply the technique to songs, repertoire, interpretation and style. We teach you HOW to sing, and in the end, according to your tastes, you decide WHAT to sing.
When you sing songs, you can choose to do it with an instrumental or with Michele on the piano, guitar or bass to be accompanied live! Or, if you can play, you are welcome to do it!
Class attendance is not mandatory: you can choose how often to do lessons or you can ask for advice on how many to do based on your needs.
If you decide to study regularly even for a short period, you can buy lesson packages with which you can save money.
Watch some of Michele’s students on the most successful talent shows!


For in person or online lessons wherever you are, you can contact Michele through


skype : michelefis

mail to :

Many students tell me that often a singing lesson is better than a therapy session … come and find out if it is true!