The method


WE SING Vocal studio aims to train the best singers and, in the certification program for teachers, the best singing teachers, thanks to a high level of teaching, professionalism and 20 years of 360 ° musical experience as a musician, composer and teacher of singing. It is the most complete and personalized program you can find in Europe.

To do this, it uses the best vocal technique based on the principles of Italian Bel canto of the original Schola Cantorum and the most effective personalized teaching on everyone’s needs and goals.

Through the technique made of specific exercises designed on you, you will have control of your voice that will become more extensive, stronger and more beautiful. You will then apply the technique to the songs (whatever you sing) and use all of this to interpret the lyrics and the music with your sensitivity.

Technique, interpretation, science and psychology are all at your service, for professionals and  amateurs, for singers and actors, for those who want to sing Soul or musical theater, Opera or Pop, in choir or in a Heavy Metal group.

Let us guide you through this exciting journey made of music and people.