“Sing well and you’ll be fine” : 10 WeSing philosophy pills

1. One of the priorities for voice coaches in WeSing is the attention and the well-being of the voice;
2. We must enhance the balance of a voice through the knowledge of the instrument and its contrasts;
3. In music business, the appearance (look) should enhance the content (voice);
4. Teaching of singing affects the health of a voice and the mood, and can accelerate your professional career;
5. Empathy, curiosity and observation are at the bottom to interpret the requirements of the voice that you’re training. To these you must add knowledge, experience and instinct;
6. Every voice, from the roughest to the most refined, deserves the same respect;
7. We must give due importance to technology;
8. Science is a resource that we use as support, without letting this overpowering on the instinct of an artist, which is the key to his freedom and personality;
9. Perseverance,in singing as in life, is the key to success;
10. “Sing well and you’ll be fine” is our proverb;

(inspired to “10 POP philosophy pills” by D. Oldani)