Month: May 2020

The imitation game

Do you want to sing well from the beginning? So let’s play a game. Put your favorite singer on headphones, take a simple piece that doesn’t go too high or is too dynamic, and listen. Choose one of his pieces that you know very well, and also try to sing along, follow it. Record yourself. …

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“Reflux ? Who cares !”

My direct experience with gastroesophageal reflux is this: a glass of wine, nothing high notes the next day. A glass of wine, full high notes as soon as I woke up. Nachos, fajtas and mojto, nothing high notes the next day. Nachos, fajtas and mojto: almost normal voice the next day. For so long I …

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IRAMA wins Coca Cola summer festival

He had come to me to train to pass the Sanremo Giovani audition. In the end not only did Sanremo, but he won the Coca cola summer festival 2016! He is a young man who believes in what he writes and sees himself. And now the others see it too 🙂

“Sing well and you’ll be fine” : 10 WeSing philosophy pills

1. One of the priorities for voice coaches in WeSing is the attention and the well-being of the voice; 2. We must enhance the balance of a voice through the knowledge of the instrument and its contrasts; 3. In music business, the appearance (look) should enhance the content (voice); 4. Teaching of singing affects the …

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Two brave women

The first WeSing certified teacher to quit a job she didn’t love to do what she really loves – singing and teaching singing – a full-time job was Roberta Delfino. This year it’s Debora Orioni’s turn to quit. Two brave women. Two intelligent women. I created WeSing also for this reason : to be able …

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Happiness is a smooth cord

Today I show you a part of my daily work with voices: teaching vocal technique, which means balancing, or re-balancing, a voice in its entire range, from the lowest to the highest. Together with teaching interpretation, style and building careers, it is that part of my job that gives me great satisfaction because it gives …

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